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What do we do?

What do we do?

If you are new to the process or would just like to update yourself on current procedure, the information below will give you a short guide, and for any other queries do not hesitate to contact us directly.
  • What do we do? 
  • How long does it take? 
  • How much does it cost? 

What do we do?

  1. Firstly, we meet with you on site to look at the property and its surroundings in order to get a feel for the location and also to discuss your accommodation requirements.
  2. We then provide you with a written quotation for our services and if successful we prepare initial scheme design drawings - a few sketches of plans and elevation alternatives for you to consider. 
  3. Once you have had a chance to look through these we discuss what you do or don't like which allows us to boil the scheme down into a single proposal. We modify the plans as many times as it takes until you are happy with the project. 
  4. We then submit the planning application, preparing all forms, maps and drawings and consult with the DOE throughout in order to gain approval.
  5. We also commence preparation of construction drawings for builders pricing, submission to building control and for the contractor to build from.  If you need to tender the project we can then send the drawings out to a number of contractors to get prices  for construction, which we then compare and contrast to be able to appoint a suitable builder for the project.
  6. During construction we liase with all statutory bodies and your builder to provide support when queries arise or if information is needed to be sent to a subcontractor eg: roof truss manufacturer, or plumbing & heating engineer. We can monitor construction, sign off on the build and also deal with stage payments to the building contractor.

How long does it take?

* Each project varies and some stages may apply to some projects and not others. The above illustration would be typical of a 2 storey extension or new single dwelling in the countryside.

How much does it cost?

All projects are priced on an individual basis following a free site visit and consultation.  All our written quotations give a full breakdown of the services provided, inclusions and exclusions so you are completely clear about what you are receiving for your investment in us.

A good designer will be able to more than save you their fee through economical technical design and efficiency.

Common Requirement Architecture Cost DOE Planning fees** Building Control Fees**
Single storey Extension From £275 £281* £120 - £216
2 Storey Extension From £450 £281* £180 - £345
Internal Alterations From £150 Usually not required £60 - £200
RoofSpace Conversion From £400 £281* £216
Outline Planning (1 Dwelling) From £500 £420
Full Planning (1 Dwelling) From 75p/sqft £840
Construction Drawings (1 dwelling) From 75p/sqft £300 - £1350
Multiple Dwellings negotiable £352 per dwelling From £546

* Planning Permission may not be required in all cases * Statutory Fees not payable to HR Jess Ltd

For a full list of third party and HR Jess Limited fees click here

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