New Home Design & Self Build


New Home Design & Self Build

Planning & building your own home can be a complex exercise.  We simplify the process by breaking it down into the main stages, Consultation, Planning, Building Control, Tendering and Construction.

1. Consultation

We offer multiple free consultations and advice at a time that suits you – evening and weekend appointments available.

After our initial consultation and appointment with you, we view your site, assess the viability and feasibility of your intentions.

We then develop the design brief into preliminary drawings, usually with several alternative proposals, to ensure you end up with the design which most suits your needs and budget.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and can provide completed design drawings within 1 – 2 weeks.

2. Planning

Once you have decided upon the design you like, we produce the full planning drawings and documentation required for submitting a planning application to the DOE Divisional Planning Office, and as your agent deal with all queries directly and paperwork requirements the planners may have.

From the time a planning permission application is submitted to the granting of approval takes approximately 3-4 months, but this depends on the type of application.

3. Building Control

Once planning permission has been granted, we prepare and submit all relevant drawings, specifications and documentation to obtain Local Authority Building Control Approval.

This ensures that the design meets all the current Building Regulations. Construction may commence as soon as the Building Control Application has been submitted.

4. Tendering

At your request we will send full tender documentation to multiple building companies and invite them to submit a competitive tender for carrying out the works. We compare the breakdowns and advise on appointments.

5. Construction

We oversee the construction, liase with the contractor throughout the build  and consult with Building Control and other statutory bodies eg: NIWater, NIE and the NIEA.  We can provide mortgage certification for self builders including 6, 8 or 10 year insurance cover.

Incorporating sustainable or new technologies into your new home may be something you wish to consider.  However, this can be a minefield of conflicting advice and technical jargon so let us guide your design with a practical approach to energy efficiency. 

Our ethos is to provide a well insulated  and breathable fabric to your building first and foremost, and then advise on the introduction of technologies where appropriate such as Solar, Photovoltaic, Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps, Wood Pellet Boilers and mechanical ventilation systems. 

Air tightness is a mantra that is well publicised in the construction media, however this must be balanced against the quality of the air inside the property. Value engineering and pay off periods are issues which HR Jess pay particular attention to.

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